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Reasons to Use Online Permission Slips
Some of the greatest memories as a kid arise from the school field trips you went to cool places for learning and fun, making for a remarkable experience. Maybe a trip to the city with a magnificent museum, or to a camping event where they take in exciting team-building activities. Notwithstanding, the inevitability of the child’s permission slip to be signed and handed over on time becomes critical for them to join. Unluckily, a lot of children have been left behind on their field trips because of either losing their paper slip or forgetting to hand it over to their parents for signing. However, paper slips can accumulate over time in schools, and you might see paper almost everywhere. That makes it daunting to manage every permission slip, particularly when you are racing with time. Luckily, you can go for a paperless approach like using online permission slip where everything is fast and quick. We are going to discuss in the following guide some of the perks you receive as a school from utilizing online permission slips.
When the school organizes a field excursion, it is a requirement that the parent is informed and approve of the involvement of their child. Failure to inform parents and get approval, and the child still end up participating, the institution could end up exposing themselves to serious consequences. Previously, permission slips were the concern of the student, where they were required to take them to their parents, have it signed and then turn them in school on time. It is easy for the forms to be meddled with, or lost between when the student originally gets it and the closing date if it’s due. The beauty of using an online permission slip tool is that it offers ease of consent. The school can easily send email to parents containing the e-form and e-signature link, where they can review and sign it immediately.
Often schools are inadequately funded, and as such, need to be cost-effective in anywhere possible. For traditional permission slips, the school has to create them, have them printed, send them to the teacher who will hand them out to students to be signed by the school. That process can be quite costly not only when printing the paper but on time consumed for the process as well. You can save on cost and use less time to get parents’ consent through online permission slips.
Last but not least, online permission slips streamline the process for everybody; parents, students, and teachers. Teachers are exempted from handling the agonizing paperwork on top of teaching and grading students. In addition to that, parents have an easier time signing the slips as they can be electronically sent through their phones.

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